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About SA Asset Management Private Clients

A SA Asset Management Private Client is more than just a high net worth individual. At SA Asset Management we partner with an individual to achieve their unique vision for their wealth. This is why we to cater for a clients’ unique needs and goals.

Whether your goal is to grow your wealth in local or offshore investment markets, SA Asset Management Private Clients is your trusted partner to diversify your unique investment with the most suitable solutions tailored for you.

With a dedicated Private Client Relationship Manager who is service driven, you will always know where your wealth is invested and how far you are from your ultimate goal. 

Our Products

Private Client Global Share Portfolio
The SA Asset Management Private Client Global Share Portfolio has been constructed to allow investors to gain access to returns with a diversified portfolio of the world’s largest companies. SA Asset Management’s main objective is to obtain capital growth within the portfolio and aims to outperform the world index while allowing the assets to be diversified throughout global markets and specific equity sectors. The portfolio is biased to market leading companies.
SA Asset Management Global Houseview Share Portfolio
Benefits of investing offshore
Investing offshore allows you to diversify your risk and allowing you to benefit from;
  • Global universe of industries, 
  • Market leading global companies,
  • Geographical regions
  • First world currencies 
  • Superior investment ideas.
South Africa only represents an estimated 1% of the global financial markets which essentially means that with only being invested locally you are giving up on 99% of the global market opportunity.
Wrapper Benefits
Private Client Local Share Portfolio
The SA Asset Management Private Client Local Share Portfolio is a portfolio compiled out of what we believe to be the best companies listed on the JSE. The main objective of the portfolio is to achieve capital growth and aims to outperform the FTSE/JSE All Share index while diversifying assets in domestic markets. The portfolio is biased towards large-cap companies and will invest primarily in the Top 40 companies as listed on the exchange.
Benefits of investing locally
South Africa is seen as the gateway to Africa with many of the global economic superpowers battling to secure a piece of the pie. Investing in South Africa provides an investor the opportunity to invest in one of the most profitable Emerging Markets in the world. Investors do not only benefit from companies that are brought up in emerging market growth spurs, but also companies that use South Africa as a base and diversifies operations across the globe.
Investors benefit from various factors such as, but not limited to:
  • Equities on the JSE outperforms other asset classes and some of the advanced economies in the long term.
  • Being invested on the JSE provides investors the opportunity to hedge against the inflationary demands of capital over the long term. South African financial markets are still considered one of the better managed markets and gives global investment managers access to emerging markets.
  • South Africa is a leader on the African continent with well managed companies that provide global revenue streams.A selection of shares designed to outperform the market can become one of the most beneficial assets for an investor and while there is a lot of short-term noise in emerging markets, their longer-term growth returns does reward the investor for the risk taken.
SA Asset Management Local Houseview Share Portfolio
Bespoke Private Client Share Portfolio
The SA Asset Management Private Client Bespoke Share Portfolio is a unique portfolio which is tailored to the clients’ investment objectives, circumstances, and values. The portfolio is constructed through in-depth discussion of the clients’ needs and actively managed on behalf of the client.

Why SA Asset Management Private Clients?

  • Holistic wealth management strategy tailor-made for your specific risk-adjusted goals.
  • Personalised wealth management for wealthy individuals looking for a personalised service to their wealth.
  • A partnership with the client with the objective to manage and grow the overall wealth of not only the individual but to ensure continuity for future generations.
  • A partnership where wealth goals is constantly reviewed to ensure each aspect of the individuals wealth planning is discussed, planned and management effectively.

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