Discretionary Fund Management

About SA Asset Management DFM Services

SA Asset Management also operates as a discretionary fund manager (DFM) leveraging their skills in Hybrid Fund Management to assist any independent financial adviser in managing their client’s investment solutions. 

With the wide range of fund options with different investment styles, managers moving around and macroeconomic fundamentals constantly changing, the selection of underlying funds for investment solutions can become daunting. DFM can be the ideal solution for advisers who wants to focus on clients’ financial planning requirements.

Our believes

SA Asset Management follows a top down approach that relates to the study of economic fundamentals as a base for investment structures. After reviewing economic fundamentals, we apply a three-phase fund attribution analysis which we believe adds value in overall outperformance. The philosophy is a continues analysis for investment cases to enable our partners with what we believe to be the most optimal way to construct and maintain their investment solutions.
At SA Asset Management, we fundamentally believe that we can identify specialists within each investable asset class. By pooling these specialists together, we construct various risk-adjusted investment solutions based on what the industry knows as building blocks. Since the sensitive nature of managing model portfolios, we further utilise low-cost or tracker solutions to enhance the clients risk adjusted return profile by keeping costs down.
We further believe that no single manager outperforms over all periods and in all market conditions. Macro-economic fundamentals change constantly for different managers and different investment styles that needs to be adapted to generate alpha. We manage solutions on a multi-management basis and our views on the ever-changing macroeconomics.

Why SA Asset Management DFM Services

SA Asset Management does not believe in relationships but rather in partnerships. We strongly believe that a DFM should be a partner in your business to focus on your clients’ investment needs. The focus should be on service, clear communication, and the education of complex investment structures and solutions to always ensure that the underlying interest of all parties are aligned.
investment expertise

A team with valuable qualifications and experience in the investment industry with a high standard of service towards all our clients.

As a multi-manager, we have access to all large, as well as boutique fund managers with their own unique skills and capabilities.

investment experience

SA Asset Management has industry experience since 1995, and we have developed the expertise to keep a high standard of service with quality decision making.

Through experience and years of investment management, we believe that transparency with regards to the underlying fund managers and fees build partnerships for the long-term. 


SA Asset Management is a privately owned establishment without undue influence which leads to an unbiased holistic investment process to manage investment products and solutions.

We believe in a truly independent product offering ensuring diversification across asset class and asset managers in every risk-adjusted solution.

service driven

SA Asset Management has an open-door policy and pride ourselves in quality service to ensure our clients are informed and understand our investment products.

We provide access to all our research, resources, and expertise of our experienced investment team on our solutions which are available on a wide range of the largest Linked Investment Service Provider platforms in South Africa.

With one relationship, one point of contact, SA Asset Management is your investment partner.